Work with me

Work with me

I’m now coaching and advising edTech startups and scale ups having spent eight years building and growing one of Europe’s leading edTech companies, FutureLearn.

I also have a wealth of experience building new digital products for the BBC and others in the digital media and education space.

I’m using this experience to help organisations define inspiring visions for products that will make a positive social impact and help them build and grow the healthy, inclusive and collaborative product cultures to deliver them.

In practice this could be:

  • Working with early stage projects to define a product vision and a delivery plan
  • Helping an organisation with product-market-fit define and grow its product culture. This may be the point where you are hiring your first product managers, splitting into multiple teams and looking at growing product and technology in a sustainable way
  • Working with more established organisations to explore next generation products and/or new ways to deliver them
  • Coaching, mentoring or supporting members of the leadership or product team through periods of growth and change
  • Delivering a talk at your event or organisation that gets people thinking about how to create healthy product cultures

Examples of recent projects includes:

  • Helping OpenClassrooms rearticulate their product vision following their series C investment
  • Advising the London Interdisciplinary School, a new university helping people solve complex real world problems, on their digital strategy
  • Working with Mastered to design a learning experience and choose platforms to deliver a new mentor-led online bootcamp for 3D creators
  • Supporting Into Global on adopting a product mindset and introducing a product culture into a traditional IT organisation
  • Working with the founders of a new digital medical school define their product vision and create a ‘visiontype’ and plan for an MVP

If you’re interested in exploring working with me get in touch.


“Matt is an informed and authoritative voice on the latest development in education and edtech, and wears this expertise very lightly. Matt's capacity to empathise with both the vision and circumstances of his clients is hugely rewarding. It is also a very rare gift that makes him both a highly impactful consultant, and a pleasure to work with.”

Jasper Joyce Director of New Products, London Interdisciplinary School

“Matt has an amazing ability to surface and organise vast quantities of information, feed in all sorts of different opinions, and output a clear distinct vision that the teams who report into him can grasp and own.”

Lucy Blackwell Senior Design Manager, Wikipedia Foundation

“Super knowledgeable about building autonomous collaborative multidisciplinary teams that scale well and deliver.”

Laura Kirsop Head of Product, Raspberry Pi Foundation

“Matt strikes the difficult balance between pushing people beyond their comfort zone and being available to provide guidance and support.”

Harriet Patterson Head of Product, Multiverse