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I help organisations inspire and empower teams to build learning products with purpose.


About me

I am Chief Product Officer for London Interdisciplinary School, a challenger university and also coach edTech startups and scale ups. I’m faculty lead for Emerge Education’s Product-Market Fit Academy. Previously, I was one of the founding team and Chief Product Officer at FutureLearn. More.


Defining product-market fit in EdTech

What is product market fit in EdTech? How do you know if you have it?

What is a product mindset?

What a product mindset means and why I think organisations struggle to adopt it.

Cultivating collaboration

How to cultivate a culture of collaboration across a multi-team product organisation.

Improve culture like you improve your product

How to grow and evolve drawing from tried and tested product development practices.

How to embrace big moments of change

A case study for how to manage seismic moments of change.

Using retrospectives to create a culture of continuous improvement

How to use team, project and personal retros to reflect and improve.

What does a Head of Product do?

The job of a product leader, reflecting on my role after three years at FutureLearn.

Talks etc.

What is a product mindset?

What is a product mindset and how do you put it into practice? A talk I gave to the Ministry of Justice.

Be in a band. Not an orchestra.

How to grow a high performing product organisation.

On Mind The Product’s Product Experience podcast

Building a culture of continuous improvement using retrospectives.

An interview with Alice Newton Rex for her great newsletter on Big Bets.

“Matt is without doubt one of the best product leaders and innovators I have ever had the pleasure of working with. If you’re looking to add some amazing talent to your team, Matt’s one of the best additions you’ll ever make.”

Martin Bean CBE Founding Chairman, FutureLearn

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